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Abstract Submission Closed

The deadline for abstract submission has now passed.


Abstract Deadlines

Abstract Notifications will be sent out on Thursday 2 February 2017. 

For any abstract queries please contact: bsh2017abs@mci-group.com

Petersfield Office
Durford Mill
GU31 5AZ


Abstract Topics

  • General Haematology
  • Lymphoma/CLL
  • Myeloma
  • ALL and AML
  • Nursing
  • Paediatrics
  • Red Cell Disorders
  • Thrombosis and Haemostasis
  • Transfusion
  • Transplantation    


Oral Presenters

Technical assistance for your presentation can be found in the Speaker Preview Room, details of the location will be added shortly.

The Speaker Preview Room will open on the following days during these hours:




Monday, 27 March 2017



Tuesday, 28 March 2017



Wednesday, 29 March 2017



We recommend that you arrive a minimum of four hours prior to your presentation to submit the presentation to the Speaker Preview Room team.

Any speakers presenting in the first morning session of the day are advised to upload their presentation the day before.

Presentations will be sent electronically to the room you are presenting in, prior to your session.



Posters will be exhibited for the duration of the meeting.

The poster moderation session will run on Tuesday 28 March from 17:30 - 18:45. Posters presenters will be expected to be present for this.

Space available will be 946mm Wide x 2340mm Height (portrait format); the display should not exceed these dimensions. 


Poster Presenters

If you are presenting a poster, please erect your poster within the Poster Area at the Brighton Centre on the board corresponding to your allocated poster number between 10:45 and 13:30

on Monday 27 March. Materials to fix your poster in its allotted space will be available at the poster desk in the poster area within The Brighton Centre. Staff at the

poster desk will be able to assist you, should you require any assistance in relation to the display of your poster 

You are required to stand by your poster(s) for the poster moderation session (Tuesday 28 March, 17:30 - 18:45).  If you are presenting more than one

poster, you must ensure that someone is available to answer questions on each poster, either by asking a colleague to assist you or by redirecting

interested delegates to your other posters' location.


Poster Removal 

Presenters are responsible for the removal of their posters:

Please remove your poster between 14:15 - 16:15 on Wednesday 29 March. Any uncollected posters or poster tubes will be disposed of at 16:30.

Posters not removed by this time will be removed and discarded by congress staff. BSH 2017 cannot accept liability for lost or damaged posters.

BSH 2017 will not mail posters to authors after the meeting.


Abstract Guidelines

The internet abstract submission system works best with Mozilla Firefox:

  • Cookies needs to be enabled
  • All pop-up blockers should be turned off
  • Submitting author: person who physically submits the abstract
  • Presenting author: person who will physically present the abstract at the conference and who is marked as the presenter in the program
  • First author: First author cited who scientifically endorses the abstract and is therefore responsible for its content

Failure to observe these guidelines may result in disqualification.

  1. Click on the ‘’ABSTRACTS’’ section of this website and follow instructions as given. Please note that you will be asked to register yourself if you have not used the system before. Once registered you will be sent confirmation of your username and password, which you can subsequently use to log in and modify / submit any new abstracts.
  2. The correct topic must be selected to ensure correct scoring. The content of the abstract must be topic related.
  3. Abstracts must contain data and meet international ethical standards.
  4. Abstracts submitted should not have been previously published or presented at another British meeting
  5. Abbreviations should be defined.
  6. Do not use subtitles, eg: Method, Results etc.
  7. Abstracts covering clinical trials, case reports, audits etc. should be submitted to the relevant "Myeloid Malignancy - Clinical" or "Lymphoid Malignancy - Clinical" categories.
  8. Abstracts covering mainly or totally molecular or cellular based studies in Myeloid or Lymphoid malignancies should be submitted to the relevant "Cellular and Molecular" categories
  9. The abstract cannot contain more than 3500 characters (blank spaces, punctuation).
  10. It is undesirable to end abstracts with such phrases as "the findings will be discussed" as this is unhelpful to future readers.
  11. When you submit an abstract for the first time you will be asked to create an account.  You will be able to use the same details to login and register. Once you have submitted your abstract you will also be given a unique Reference Number. Please make a note of these so that, if required, you can recall and update/amend your submission. Abstracts can be amended  up to
    Friday 16 December 2016 23:59 GMT when the submission site closes.
  12. Please ensure that your abstract does not contain spelling, grammatical or scientific errors. No corrections are possible after the submission deadline. The abstract will be reproduced exactly as submitted in the abstract book. No proofreading will be done.
  13. Type the title, authors and addresses using Proper Case (i.e: do not use all capitals).
  14. Only use international ASCII characters in your abstract text
  15. If you need to withdraw your abstract, a written statement reflecting the reasons for this decision must be sent to bsh2017abs@mci-group.com, no later than 1 February 2017After this date, abstracts can still be withdrawn, but we will be unable to remove them from the abstract book.
  1. The Programme Committee reserve the right of final decisions regarding acceptance of abstracts and the form of presentation.
  2. The submitting authors will be notified in February 2017, at the email address provided during submission, whether their abstract has been accepted. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that emails from BSH can reach them. They will be informed at the same time about the date, time and form of their presentation.
  1. Abstracts can be accepted either as a poster or oral presentation.
  2. If your abstract is accepted as a poster, you will be requested to be available for discussion during the corresponding moderated poster viewing session. Please use letters large enough to be read from a distance of 1.5 meters (4.9 feet)
  3. Oral presentations will be advised of presentation date and length of presentation once abstract has been accepted.
  4. Full presentation guidelines will be included in the acceptance letter and posted on the conference website.

To be confirmed

Maximum character count is 3500 characters.

Formatting your abstract

Please use International characters only. Please type in "Normal sentence case", not all in CAPITALS. Reduce abbreviations to a minimum, especially non-standard ones, and define at first use. Abbreviations should not be used in the title. Make the title intelligible to all. Use only use normal keyboard characters. Separate each paragraph with one hard return.

Please do not use hard returns at the end of each line - the text will wrap automatically. All abstracts will be reproduced exactly as submitted so please check the text for typing errors before you submit

Please use the buttons provided to format your abstract title and text. The following formatting is available: Bold, Italic, Superscript, Subscript, Symbol/custom character, Copy, Paste as plain text, Select all, Undo, Redo.

If you are pasting content we strongly advise using the "paste as plain text" button in the toolbar along with the "custom character" button; if any erroneous characters remain you will be alerted on submission and given the opportunity to amend.

If you are presenting either an oral or a poster and have any questions regarding your presentation, please contact BSH2017as@mci-group.com

More information will be posted here in due course